Culinary modules for tour operators

Mobile Cooking Romania is a tourism concept based on an initiative of Carpathian Tourism Cluster Romania with the target to promote culinary tourism in Romania.

Several culinary modules are available for domestic and foreign tour operators and travel agencies that want to include culinary topics in their tours and vacation offer for Romania:

  • Cooking classes with different themes at spectacular places (in- and outdoor, i.e. Bran castle, Muddy Volcanoes, fortified churches, in the vineyards etc.)
  • Traditional evenings with local food for larger tourist groups (i.e. traditional premium barbecue with lamb on a spit)
  • Truffle hunting in the Carpathian forests (Transylvania and Buzau)
  • Winery visits, wine tasting and wine seminars
  • Grape harvest participation
  • Boat trip  with fish cooking class at the Danube Delta
  • Culinary workshops (cheese making, bred making, wine making)
  • Live preparation of traditional Romanian food

The modules comprises the full organisation (transport of cooking and catering equipment, chef plus team, location arrangement etc,) and can be included in existing or new tours. The modules are available with advantageous prices for tour operators and travel agencies.

Please contact us for further details.

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