Cooking Themes

International cuisine with treasures of the Carpathian Garden
Discover international high level cooking with local, amazing products found in our Carpathian Garden. Cooking under this theme will be all seasonal, local, fresh and intriguing. If you are not familiar with Bear’s Garlic, Chanterelle mushrooms or Sea buckthorns, find out that there are plenty in Romania and much more fascinating ingredients that you will use for creating amazing dishes.

Treasures of the Carpathian forests: Truffles, mushrooms & Co.
This cooking theme will make you get in touch with earthly, rich aromas found in  untouched environment. Named by some “diamonds of the forest”, these products need to be hunted and searched for, but the joy of discovering new, special cooking techniques will be highly rewarding. Whant to learn how many recipes are to be enchanted by truffles or the Romanian “hribi”? Join us and experience.

Melting pot Transylvania: Romanian, Saxonian & Hungarian cooking

Medieval cooking experience
Not only food but a feast. The products, the aromas, the spices, the techniques, the making, they are all ingredients that will take you back in time. Game, goose, duck, venison, beef, pork, lamb, vegetables, herbs and spices, stewed, roasted or stuffed are just some of the magical words that will put a spell on this cooking experience.

Saxonian cooking tradition

Romanian classical dishes – Reinvented
Have you ever imagined how would our traditional Romanian dishes would look and taste like in a modern, international interpretation? Well, let’s give you some hints and say: very nice “ciorba de peste”, “juicy, tasty mici, creamy mamaliga and real barbeque sauce”, maybe some amazing “papanasi with granité cherry granité?

Treasures of the Danube: Fish & Co.
Danube Delta, the best preserved Delta in Europe is rich in fish that tastes like no other. With many varieties of fish like carp, pike, zander and catfish it is a sure fact that you will create and taste the most amazing fish recipes ever during a hands on, unique cooking in the Delta experience.

Mediterranean style cooking in the vineyards
A seductive scenery, colorful, vibrant, mild and tasty cooking, pairing wines, it seams like bien vivre to us. Immerse yourself in one of the most popular gastronomy traits out there and surrender to a idyllic cooking class; you will recreate typical dishes from countries bathed in sun and water and use specific ingredients and products to cook fine dining creations. Loose yourself in a wonderland of fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, bread and desserts and the best of it all: create this wonder with your own hands!

All about Romanian wine
Cooking classes under this theme will teach you more than what wine to put in a dish. You will find out all the wonders of spicing up your dishes with this high flavored ingredient, what components of wine add flavor, what happens with the alcohol, and much more. From starter and side dishes to main course, you will be enchanted by the discovery of many recipes, all containing this complex beverage.
So, if meat marinated in wine, red wine onions, red wine cabbage, pickled truffles in red wine, or sweet treats like red wine zabaione and red wine jelly ring a bell, this is the perfect cooking theme for you!